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Coaching and Consulting


Thriving in Ministry in New England recognizes that pastors (& congregations) will at times need an outside perspective to help them (and their congregations) gain clarity.  Through coaching and consulting we provide a resource to help you get that perspective. Our coaches and consultants are New England pastors who are trained to provide these services.

Coaching addresses the whole person (e.g. relationships, personal issues, ministry contexts, & spiritual formation). Coaches are co-creative partners that are trained to help the pastor/leader discover their own answers. Coaches help you to both set specific strategies and incremental goals in order to move forward in a particular area.

Consulting generally addresses specific problems being faced by the church or ministry. Consultants are considered subject area experts that are trained to bring their expertise to specific situations. They provide an evaluative process which helps you move forward.

These fee-based services are offered by Thriving in Ministry in New England.




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